Important Words :-

The terms and conditions outlined in this document, the following terms, unless contrary to the context, does not specify the meaning of “you” means the booking of a person whose name and / or on its behalf. Alternatively, reference third person can be created as the “Tour Participant” / “they” / “customer” / “He/She” / “them” / “her”. “We” / “US” / “Company” means ,“Contractor” / “supplier” means the supplier of any infrastructure and includes hotel management, airlines, caterers, restaurants, theme parks, museums, shipping art galleries etc. The company, train, ferry, cruise, coach.

Privacy Policy

Dev Darshan Yatra provide unique spiritual travel experience. We value our customer and maintain a high degree of privacy of the personal details of our customers.

We know how important it is to get your business’s message across in a clear, concise manner. That’s why we take the time to research the best way to prepare your brochures, price grids and other documents and services.

We attempt to support the right not to be public of the personal knowledge on condition that by you. however, it would be necessary for us to part this knowledge with taxi service providers, air-transport businesses, hotels and other supporting service providers during or before the journey to provide necessary support to your tour programme.

We are taking help of registered and secured payment gateway service providers.